Mahindra Powerall launches state of the art CPCB 4 generators


Pune- The Ministry of Environment has recently announced an important decision in resepect of use of generators. As per this decision use of generators which comply with the CPCB-4 norms has been made mandatory. Keeping this in mind Mahindra Powerall has launched CPCB -4 generators. Manufacuring of these generators has already commenced at the Khed […]

“Dr. JDEE AYURVEDA”, Most Trusted Ayurvedic Brand in Punjab

“Dr. JDEE AYURVEDA”, Most Trusted Ayurvedic Brand in Punjab

Dr. Jdee Ayurveda carries a legacy spanning an impressive 119 years, handed down through generations of Ayurvedic practitioners. Their mission is straightforward yet profound: to provide people with natural Ayurvedic remedies that not only alleviate symptoms but also ensure lasting health benefits, all without the worry of side effects. Beyond just offering products, Dr. Jdee […]