What is GIFT Nifty?

The Gujarat International Finance Tec-City Nifty, also known as the GIFT Nifty, is a derivative contract within India’s financial landscape. It was initially traded on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX). It consists of companies listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) in the GIFT City in Gujarat, an international financial services centre.  The shift of GIFT Nifty […]

Interview with Budgetpe Private Limited: Embracing AI for a Better Future

Interview with Budgetpe Private Limited Embracing AI for a Better Future

Budgetpe Private Limited, a social media agency founded by Rohit and Kiran, is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the digital marketing industry. In a recent interview, the founders discussed AI’s impact and the importance of maintaining job security. Harnessing AI for Good Rohit highlighted AI’s benefits for digital marketing. “AI is changing our approach,” […]

Steve Papermaster’s Vision: Propelling the Middle East into the Post-Petroleum AI Age

  For decades, the economies of the Middle East have been inexorably tethered to one resource – oil. However, as the world transitions towards sustainable energy alternatives, this hard truth looms: the region’s economic bedrock will inevitably erode.    Unless, that is, technological transformation takes root. And for Steve Papermaster, the entrepreneur who has catalyzed […]

VRD Tractor: The World’s Most Advanced Pure Electric, Autonomous, AI-Powered Tractor

VRD Tractor The World's Most Advanced Pure Electric, Autonomous, AI-Powered Tractor

As the world’s first pure electric, autonomous, AI-powered tractor, VRD Tractors is transforming the agricultural sector with cutting-edge designs and technology. “VRD Tractor is a bootstrapped startup committed to providing sustainable agricultural solutions that maximize farm yields, support environmental sustainability, and enhance farmers’ livelihoods,” said Siddharth Gupta, Founder & CEO of VRD Tractor. “We have […]

Salasar Auction: Innovating Procurement with Reverse Auctions

Salasar Auction Innovating Procurement with Reverse Auctions (1)

Salasar Auction has firmly established itself as a pioneer and market leader in providing 100% reliable auctioning services. Specializing in procurement and reverse auction solutions, Salasar Auction has revolutionized the way businesses approach purchasing and cost-saving strategies. With a state-of-the-art auction system, numerous blue-chip companies have achieved significant savings, sometimes up to 40% on bulk […]

Nifty Support and Resistance – Trading Strategies

The most suitable way to identify a stock’s target price is to determine its support and resistance levels. Support and resistance points are specific price points on a chart expected to attract the maximum amount of buying or selling.  The support price is a price at which one can expect more buyers. Likewise, the resistance […]

Webelty Your Trusted Partner for Unbeatable Web Design and Digital Marketing Solutions

A web design and digital marketing company is crucial in the current business landscape. This is because it enhances the company’s online presence and helps drive growth. Proficient and effective web design guarantees that the company’s website is appealing visually, responsive, and user-friendly, further enabling the company to attract and retain valuable visitors. An optimally […]

IDT Education Presents: Varnika – The Designers Fashion Show

A Premier Design Education Group in Maharashtra   IDT Education is proud to be a leading design education group in Maharashtra, with a strong presence in Dhule, Malegaon, Ahmednagar, and Nashik. We are committed to nurturing creative talent and providing top-tier education in the fields of fashion and interior design. Our campuses are equipped with […]

Divya Khossla shares excitement for her next Prerna Arora’s Telugu film Hero Heeroine

Actress Divya Khossla and producer Prerna Arora are brimming with enthusiasm as they gear up for their upcoming Telugu film “Hero Heeroine.” The film, set to begin shooting in Hyderabad, promises to showcase Khossla in a glamorous new avatar and marks an exciting chapter in her career. Divya, who recently received immense acclaim for her […]