Water, Forest, Land, and Mountain Conservation Must Be Made a Political Issue – Lokesh Bhiwani

Water, Forest, Land, Mountain,

Stand with Nature’s Journey Makes Environmental Protection a Political Issue

Pabita badhra

Date: January 25, 2024
Location: bhiwani, Haryana

Everyone marks the new year in their own way, but in the town of Badhra, Haryana, everyone was talking about nature on New Year’s Day. The reason was the environmental awareness walk and tree plantation organized by Stand with Nature, an organization working on the issue of climate change across the country.

Thousands of environmental activists of Stand with Nature led by Activist Lokesh bhiwani and Pabita badhra took out a walk in the town of Badhra. The aim of this walk was to make water, forest, land, and mountain conservation a political issue. During this journey, farmers and shopkeepers provided full cooperation.

The walk started from Kisan Bhavan and reached the Revolutionary Chowk via the market. Patriotic songs sung by environmental activists created an atmosphere of patriotism in the entire market. People of all age groups participated in this walk. Environmental activists participating in the walk held placards with slogans on water, forest, land, and mountain conservation.

Addressing the residents of the town from Revolutionary Chowk, Lokesh Bhiwani, national president of Stand with Nature and Haryana’s first climate change activist, said that very dangerous consequences are being seen due to climate change all over the world. The policies of the governments are at the center of this, so our main demand is to make the conservation of water, forest, land, and mountains the main political issue.

We will tell the people who are contesting elections in the upcoming assembly elections in the state that also talk about the issue of environmental protection and 30% of your plans should be for environmental protection in your manifesto.

At the end of the walk, a tree plantation was organized at Revolutionary Chowk. Thousands of people participated in this plantation and planted trees. Pabita said that water, forest, land, and mountains are the foundation of our lives. Our life is not possible without their conservation. She called on people to come forward to conserve water, forest, land, and mountains and make this issue a political issue.

Thousands of activists of Stand with Nature participated in this walk. This walk has raised awareness among people about the conservation of water, forest, land, and mountains.

During this walk, the issues of water, forest, and land echoed. Lokesh Bhiwani said that today our identity has changed. There are no fields left for the grazing of animals, we have to buy water to drink, even oxygen was sold in Kovid, only by awakening the feeling of environment among the people, the natural environment can be saved.

The walk was attended by Harpal Bhandal and Mahendra Jevli from the Bharatiya Kisan Union, environmental activist Chandraveer Arya, Parvinder Dhillon, Pawan, Manjit, Sandeep, Vidya Devi, Vishnu, Parveen Dahiya, and Prem.

Stand With Nature runs awareness campaign on climate change and dedicated to environmental protection on the issue of climate change across the country, which is working to make people aware about the environment through cycling trips, seminars, gatherings, competitions, webinars, and many other campaigns.

We believe economic and social development is essential for ensuring a favourable living and working environment for man and for creating conditions on earth that are necessary for the improvement of the quality of life. But it must not be the cost of environment.

Presently Climate change stresses ecosystem, species, food and farming, coastal erosion, health, damages to homes and lives through natural calamity.

This caused only because of our irresponsible behavior for nature and natural resources.

Stand With Nature is an organization in which our companions understand their responsibility for the environment and try to complete them. We hope that you will become our partner in our efforts and help us to aware more people about climate change, so that we can reduce potential loss from climate change.