INDIAN CRICKET BASH – Sowing the seeds to grow Tennis Ball Cricket

INDIAN CRICKET BASH – Sowing the seeds to grow Tennis Ball Cricket (1)

The tradition of sports is deeply rooted in the Indian culture dating a few millennia back. Over the years India has emerged as a major force to reckon with in certain sports in the international arena. Parents and youngsters are increasingly looking at sports as a career in the country. Right now we are the inflection point of a vibrant sporting culture in India which is only to rise steeply given the support and ecosystem building done by the Indian Government.

In India Cricket is treated as a religion having huge followers. Tennis Ball Cricket is one form that has been played on a vast scale across the nation but still it has been limited to local level. INDIAN CRICKET BASH is an initiative to collect this scattered form of Cricket on one platform & turn up it into a professional domain. Neeraj A Dhir (Founder Eternal Culture) a sports lover has been working passionately towards developing different avenues of sports. INDIAN CRICKET BASH is a dream seen by Neeraj which became reality as first season of INDIAN CRICKET BASH was held successfully under flood lights.on 14-15 February in Mumbai Police Gymkhana Ground, Marine Lines Mumbai. The female  teams participating were Mighty Mavericks Mumbai, Diamond Queens Delhi and Star Strikers Ahmedabad. The male teams were Mighty Kings Mumbai, Rising Stars Delhi and Sky Warriors Ahmedabad. Mighty Kings Mumbai and Mighty Mavericks Mumbai emerged as the winners of season 1. First season witnessed some immense talented players from remote areas. Priyanka Golipkar and Prakash Paradkar were felicitated as the Best Player of The League.

The second season of the the bash will be held in October 2024. Trial registrations are open now for which one can enquire approaching Eternal Culture. This season will be expanded all across the country giving all tennis ball cricket  players an opportunity towards a lucrative career in tennis ball cricket. The concept of INDIAN CRICKET BASH is to provide platform to all the emerging players who dream to get recognition nationwide. The league is a unique approach towards Cricket Game which will definitely entertain the audience. The beauty of this league is for the first time female cricket players are getting a chance to make a serious professional career in Cricket that they are so passionate about.  INDIAN CRICKET BASH is aiming to inspire youngsters, who are looking forward to a career in sports, something which emits positive sparks among the citizens.

This event is strategizing to offer national exposure to these talented players, who are set to energize the pitch with great cricket and exude impeccable teamwork.  A highly skilled and professional team is working dedicatedly in creating this extravagant event. The team includes Neeraj A Dhir (Chairperson), Piyali Sinharoy (Secretary), Anita More (Consultant),  Dr. Yogesh Naik (Consultant), Rajendra Rajam (Senior Coordinator), Chandrakant Shinde (Senior Coach & Selector), Amit Golatkar (Senior Coach & Selector), Rajesh Sarang (Senior Coach & Selector), Sandip Paradkar (Coach & Selector), Beepin Pawle (Coach & Selector), Pawan (Coach & Selector), Praveen Bhabal (Coordinator), Datta Bhargav (Coordinator), Manoj Shirwadkar (Coordinator), Prashant Bhabal (Coordinator), Sandeep Dhurat (Coordinator), Nilesh Mithbao (Coordinator) and Mahesh & team from WTC Sports Live.