Dr Nancy Raj an Intern of Heritage Institute of Medical Sciences Raises Issues on Women’s Health….

Dr Nancy Raj an Intern of Heritage Institute of Medical Sciences Raises Issues on Women's Health….

Dr Nancy Raj has done her schooling from DAV SAMASTIPUR and was topper of her school till class 10th..After 10th she completed her higher education from Delhi

Modern International School..She besides her education has skills of painting,dance and has a hobby of playing indoor as well as outdoor games..She started making reels on Instagram during lockdown ..She is an intern in Heritage institute of medical science..

She raises issues on women’s health n pregnancy How low levels of glucose can cause vomiting in women….n she was in Delhi in 11th n 12th n she did her coaching from aakash institute New Delhi she has been a topper of her batch ….

She discusses about how cancer is fatal for human n there is not treatment except chemotherapy n radiotherapy ….her father is an gov official in health department samastipur n mother is a gov school teacher

She also discusses about how diabetes can affect our eyes n health..

She has a good fashion sense ….

Metformin can treat diabetes

She believes in karma n she believes in spending quality time with friends n family is necessary for our mental health ….she talks about how mental health is important

Less use of mobile phones and social media should be promoted

Children should stay away from these ….

She also talks about how mother’s health can affect child’s health …

She is a strict disciplinarian …

N a badminton player

She respects elders n seniors n love youngers …her family is very supportive n caring …she thinks reading good books n magazines can help us n is very much important for our knowledge …

Good manners n proper daily routine should be inculcated in children during young age…