Faith, Family, and Film: The journey of Kiran Patel

Kiran Patel is a name known to many in the Bollywood industry. A filmmaker and producer, he is the founder of Adorned Affairs Entertainment, a production company known for creating unique and interesting short films, music videos and many more cinematic productions. He may be a successful producer and a recent entrant in Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) but his journey is one filled with hardships and struggles.

Kiran Patel started his career as an engineer and marketing professional. However, he soon realised his dreams lay elsewhere and founded Adorned Affairs Entertainment. His transition into the fast pace and unforgiving world of filmmaking was not a smooth one. Starting out as a small production house he dipped his toes into event management before starting out with modelling and casting as well. He started producing in 2018 and eventually gained success in all fields. As a producer he created short films and music albums making a name due to his creative, unique and engaging content.

In all stages of his life he faced many challenges. But he always kept going and pushing past all failures and hardships. The credit goes to his God. A devout follower and disciple of Bholenath and his principles, Kiran Patel always continued to follow his dreams with dedication and discipline. He says that whenever he is in a difficult situation, he thinks of Bholenath and can feel his guidance towards making the right decision. This allows him to believe in himself and make the right decisions.

Along with his God he also credits his parents. His parents and their constant support for their son’s ventures. His dad’s motto of “Start to win and not to lose” gave him the courage to continue pursuing success against all odds.

He has now made yet another transition backed by the teachings of his parents and his God. Making an entry in politics as a member of the biggest party in India, he is still dedicated to creating a legacy for himself and continuing to make his family proud. Despite facing an uphill battle, Kiran Patel is confident in his ability to lead and to contribute to the welfare of the nation. He has received over 40 awards and certificates for his work in filmmaking and social work.

Despite achieving such grand success, he is a cheerful soul who lives life to the fullest. He is not completely consumed by his work and always finds time for other things in life. He looks to create new memories with his loved ones thus creating a balance between work and personal life.

Even though he is entering a new field, he is still dedicated to creating quality cinema. He has many films under production and some of the ones releasing shortly are Wo Kaun Thi, Paying Guest, Kadwa Sach Part 1, Kadwa Sach Part 2, Zameen Ke Janta and Meetha Zeher. He has been guided by Dilip Kataria and Anju Sharma and gives them special thanks for making his journey successful and fruitful as he continues to chase excellence wherever