SCRMP expanding into healthcare domain seeking your support

Promoting Clinical Research in India

Society of Clinical Research and Medical Professionals is a dedicated society for medical professionals, pharmacy professionals (for both graduates and students), and for pharmaceutical industry folks. The aim of this society is to create a benchmark for clinical research in the healthcare domain among HCP (Healthcare professionals). After proper market research and understanding the needs of the healthcare professionals for around four years, the SCRMP (Society of Clinical Research and Medical Professionals) is established in 2024. The founder of this society is Dr. U Yezdani; the National President is Dr. Sumanta Mondal, and the General Secretary is Md G Khan. Other CEC members are from different industries and academic backgrounds, such as Dr. Krishna, Dr. Rajiv, and Hemant Gawande.

Society works in three wings: Pharmacy, Medical, and Industry. Each wing has a graduate and student forum, and is classified into national and state levels. A National Chapter for the pharmacy student wing has already been established, which is led by R. Barath Raj as National President of the Student Forum, Morziul Haque as National Chairperson of the Student Forum, and other CEC members of the National Executive Council are Ayesha Naseer, Janhavi Mahesh Katkar, Prachet Shrihans Burse, Dr. Athul H, Satyam Yadav, Vivekraj Maheshwari, Ankit Mukherjee, Mohammed Raahil, and many more.

There are a lot of societies in India who are working for pharmacy, medical, and pharmacy corporates individually, but SCRMP has come up with an idea to bring all the healthcare professionals to a single platform. The main aim of the society is to uplift healthcare and to unite theme all. This society will also be providing benefits, including free-of-cost publication and 30-50% waiver in book publication in its own journal, Pesquisa Editora. Our future goal is to build a charitable hospital where everyone can get quality treatment at a lesser cost compared to the market and with full waiver depending on their financial status.

Society of Clinical Research and Medical Professionals will help students get involved in industrial internships such as PV, RA HEOR, and Medical Journal and also keep them updated about the academic jobs which will benefit them in future for selecting their stream. We have also signed MOUs with different international universities for interested candidates.

At last, society will involve industrial professionals to create a positive impact in the healthcare domain, as corporate leaders are already involved in such initiatives, so society’s main objective is to engage them on one platform; this will help new start-ups, other CRO companies, and pharmaceutical industries. They can work together on one platform to share their experiences and complete client demand. Apart from this, society will also conduct corporate events for industry folks and annual conferences by combining industry, medical, and pharmacy professionals every year which will benefit people working in the CRO’s to interact with people from other companies and other fields.

There will also be promotions in our newsletters and conferences for new CRO’s, Health care industries, Universities etc who want to expand their business.

By keeping this positive attitude the society is growing very fast day by day. If you are interested in being a part of such initiative, join us now.