Metro Wholesale Enters Global Market with ‘Tahaa Fashion Studio’ in Canada

Metro Wholesale Enters Global Market with 'Taha Fashion Studio' in Canada

Metro Wholesale is a company based in Delhi’s Sadar Bazar which sells cosmetics, birthday gifts, toys, birthday products, furniture, wall clocks, home décor, ladies suits, wedding gowns and much more. The CEO Dharmender Kumar and his childhood friend Mr. Saurabh Bansal who lives in Ontario, Canada will be opening another store named ‘Taha Fashion Studio’, which comes under Metro Wholesale.

The company has expanded their business in Delhi, Greater Noida, and Kashmir. They are now looking forward to go abroad and expand their market which follows their ambition of making things affordable for the customers. CEO Dharmender Kumar says, “I would urge any reseller or wholeseller to come and meet us. I would also like to tell the people that they should definitely know the price of the products that they are buying. We are here to tell you all about it. The products that we are selling are the ones you already have been buying but we will be selling them at lower rates and make them affordable. Me and my team will guide you regarding the information about the products as much as you need.” The director of the company Mr. Arun Kumar Tomer has also appreciated the expansion into the Canadian market.

The business is optimistic about the foreign market and plans to launch a full-scale operation in order to provide high-quality goods right to customers’ doorsteps. The company is working hard to deal with the price range effectively and also bring in all the necessary products to the customers.

“It’s about equity. Every rupee spent is precious so services must match the quality sought,” the CEO said. Kumar explained that Metro Wholesale believes that every business thrives on the ‘trust on brand’. “So it’s essential that we stand on our principles and standards so that our services and products will be proven unmatched in the market,” he said

Now that they are expanding into the foreign market in Canada, they are hopeful to give the best to the customers over there. The price range will be according to what is considered affordable in a country like Canada where thousands of Indians reside. The company is sure that the Canadian customers will experience the same satisfaction as the Indian ones. The clothing products are going to reach the customers according to their demands. The company is working around the clock to launch their fashion studio in Canada.

The company will be dealing with the clothing fashion studio, i.e introducing a new clothing fashion studio in Canada, which will include: Indian suits, Pakistani suits, Lehangas and more.

Kumar’s childhood friend who lives in Canada will be his partner in opening up the Canada Studio where the best of Indian cultural products will be sold and many others too. The Taha Fashion studio will be opening soon and a lot of work is already done. Kumar says that they are excited to expand into the foreign market after working in India. Since so many Indians reside in Canada,it is crucial that they expand their market there too. The Metro Wholesale is doing a great job in providing the best to the customers in both India and soon abroad.