Empowering Women: Nisha Koul’s Journey from Engineer to CEO Revolutionizes Hospitality Recruitment

Empowering Women Nisha Koul's Journey from Engineer to CEO Revolutionizes Hospitality Recruitment

Nisha Koul, the founder and CEO of Pixiejob, embarked on a remarkable journey that transformed not only her life but also the lives of countless others. Armed with a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Nisha initially ventured into the tech industry, where she honed her skills as a project manager over three years.

However, Nisha’s true calling lay beyond the confines of corporate corridors. In 2018, fueled by a burning desire to create a meaningful impact, she took the bold leap into entrepreneurship. Recognizing the challenges faced by women in balancing work and family responsibilities, Nisha envisioned a platform that would not only provide employment opportunities but also empower houseworking women.

Thus, Pixiejob was born—a revolutionary hospitality staff recruitment company that prioritized the inclusion and empowerment of women. Unlike traditional agencies, Pixiejob tapped into the vast talent pool of skilled women who could work from the comfort of their homes. Nisha’s vision was not just about filling job vacancies but about fostering a community of empowered women who could thrive in the hospitality industry while maintaining flexibility and autonomy.

Through Pixiejob, Nisha not only transformed the recruitment landscape but also championed gender equality and empowerment. Her innovative approach not only benefited businesses seeking reliable staff but also provided a lifeline for countless women seeking meaningful employment opportunities.

Today, Pixiejob stands as a beacon of empowerment, providing staff services not only throughout India but also internationally. Nisha’s unwavering dedication to her vision has not only revolutionized the hospitality industry but has also inspired a new generation of entrepreneurs to challenge norms and create positive change in society.