Star Wars: Lost Horizons (Movie) Released Date, Cast, Director, Story, Budget and more…

Star Wars: Lost Horizons (Movie) Released Date, Cast, Director, Story, Budget and more...

Short Bio

“Star Wars: Lost Horizons” directed and written by Giovanni Michael, is a sci-fi spectacle produced by Lost Horizons Productions and distributed by YouTube. Featuring CJ Morrison, Chaz Taylor, Scott Rees, Blanca Samperio, Victor V Gelsomino, Ivan John Winkler, and an ensemble cast, this saga promises an epic journey filled with action and intrigue. Stay tuned for streaming details and release date, produced by Brett Baker, Douglas Harris, Giovanni Michael, Chris Pepe, and Ivan John Winkler.

Movie NameStar Wars: Lost Horizons
Language English
Streaming PartnerTBA
Release DateTBA
DirectorGiovanni Michael
WriterGiovanni Michael
CinematographerGiovanni Michael
Production CompanyLost Horizons Productions
Produced ByBrett Baker, Douglas Harris, Glovanni Michael, Chris Pepe, Ivan John Winkler
Distributed ByYouTube
Movie Budget$100M (estimated)

Star Cast With Characters’ Names:

CJ Morrisonas Jedi Master Sira Quildro
Chaz Tayloras Belic
Scott Reesas Bounty hunter
Blanca Samperio Dancer
Victor V Gelsominoas Lord Siten
Ivan John Winkleras Jedi Master Iro
Bruce Bennettas Jedi Master Ren Doul
Travis Dunnas Co’ma Tri
Grant Wahleas Ferus Olin
Roman Brionas Darth Nihl
David Kufneras Jedi Master Di Qui
Antonio Vinesas Sith Hunter Sinnious
James Englishas Jedi Knight Sifo Gro/Stormtrooper
Sandy Dutchakas Jedi Master Ferus Olin
Julia Pepeas Jedi Master Ti
Nathan Criswellas Olorr Set
Molly Pepeas Jedi Master Ozmandi
Lisa Ritchieas Dragg Pyll
Thomas Breedenas Kel He
Margaux Burlesonas Jedi Master Fel Tyraana
Taylor Ritchieas Market Extra
Lorraine Tai as Secret Service Agent #2
Cynthia Tayloras Bounty Hunter
Andre Francios
Doug Burleson as Galen Sindal
Dean Taylor as Bounty Hunter
John Hill as Ilec He
Dona Irey as Jedi Master Isa Dow
Bradford T Roberts as Jedi Master Ro Fero
Marshall Conover as Stormtrooper
Bryce Dutchak as Young Ferus Olin
Donovan Etzel as Tel Set

‘Star Wars: Lost Horizons’ Plot:

In “Star Wars: Lost Horizons,” a Jedi who has fallen from grace tries to save the corrupt New Republic from destruction by a growing evil force. The New Jedi Council turns dark, and only by bringing new hope can the Jedi restore goodness to the Order and the Republic.

‘Star Wars: Lost Horizons’ Trailer:

The trailer is yet to be released.

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