“Fateh” (Movie) Released Date, Cast, Director, Story, Budget and more…

“Fateh” (Movie) Released Date, Cast, Director, Story, Budget and more…


“Fateh” is an upcoming crime-action Hindi movie. The movie is written by Ankur Pajni and directed by the renowned actor Sonu Sood. Fateh is produced by Zee Studios and Sonali Sood under the banner of Shakti Sagar Production. Fateh stars Sonu Sood and Jacqueline Fernandez in the lead roles. The official release date of the film is yet to be disclosed, but it will be released in 2024. The cinematography of the movie is done by Vincenzo Condorelli, and the and the editing is done by Chandrashekhar Prajapati. 

GenreCrime Action Drama
Language Hindi
Streaming PartnerZee5
Release Date2024
DirectorSonu Sood
WriterAnkur Pajni
CinematographerVincenzo Condorelli
Production CompanyA Shakti Sagar Production
Produced ByZee Studios & Sonali Soon
EditorChandrashekhar Prajapati
Distributed ByZee Studios
Budget₹79 Crore (Estimated)

Star Cast With Characters’ Names

Sonu SoodAs Fateh
Jacqueline FernandezN/A
Shiv Jyoti RajputN/A


The film centres on Fateh, a criminal assigned to gaurd the girl. Fateh has to overcome all obstacles and everything that is stacked against her in an effort to protect her. Fateh makes constant efforts to find out the truth regarding the threats made against her.


The official trailer of the movie is yet to be launched but a teaser has been shared.

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