Bigul (Movie) Released Date, Cast, Director, Story, Budget and more…

Bigul (Movie) Released Date, Cast, Director, Story, Budget and more...

Short Bio

“Bigul” (2024) is an Oriya crime drama releasing on March 22, 2024. Directed by Ajay Padhi and Abdul Aziz Khokhar, it stars Chittaranjan Tripathy, Supriya Nayak, and others. Produced by Sai Darbar Films, it features music by Satya Ranjan Bal and has an estimated budget of ₹2 crore. Distributed by Fusion Films, its streaming details are yet to be announced.

GenreCrime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Language Oriya
Streaming PartnerTBA
Release Date22 March, 2024
DirectorAjay Padhi, Abdul Aziz Khokhar
WriterAmit Kumar Dash, Kiran Mishra, Kiran Mishra, Ajay Padhi
CinematographerAbhinash, Baishnab, Jyoti Ranjan Patra, Rabi, Yudhisthira Behera, Zidu
MusicSatya Ranjan Bal, Mohit Chakraborty, Suraj Purohit, J.P. Wordsmith
EditorRashmi Ranjan Dash, Aswin Jena
Production CompanySai Darbar Films
Produced ByDebananda Behera, Himadri Tanaya Das, Arvind Sahoo, Sarbeswar Sutar
Distributed ByFusion Films
Movie Budget₹2 crore (estimated)

Star Cast With Characters’ Names

Chittaranjan TripathyN.A
Supriya NayakN.A
Debananda BeheraN.A
Prasanjeet MohapatraN.A
Braja SinghN.A
Sanket TripathyAs Business Man
Sadasiv NayakN.A
Ashrumochan MohantyN.A


“Bigul” (2024) is about a village facing scary murders because of people’s extreme beliefs and selfish desires. The community tries to stay strong while dealing with these killings and the spooky reminders of their past, showing the danger on the way to their holy place.


The trailer is yet to be released.

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