Amigo Garage (Movie) Released Date, Cast, Director, Story, Budget and more…

Amigo Garage (Movie) Released Date, Cast, Director, Story, Budget and more...

Short Bio

“Amigo Garage” (2024) is a Tamil action drama directed and written by Prasanth Nagarajan. Starring Athira Raj and Mahendran, the film revolves around unexpected events triggered when a curious teen, Rudra, encounters Anand at Amigo Garage. With music by Balamurali Balu and produced by People Production House, it’s set to release on March 15, 2024, with a budget estimated at ₹2 crore.

NameAmigo Garage
GenreAction, Drama
Language Tamil
Streaming PartnerTBA
Release Date15 March, 2024
DirectorPrasanth Nagarajan
WriterPrasanth Nagarajan
CinematographerVijaykumar Solaimuthi
MusicBalamurali Balu
EditorC.S. Premkumar, Antony L. Ruben
Production CompanyPeople Production House
Produced ByRamachandran Perumal
Distributed ByTBA
Movie Budget₹2 crore (estimated)

Star Cast With Characters’ Names

Athira Raj As Tamil
Mahendran As Rudra
Deepa BaluN.A
G.M. Sundar As Anand
Siriko UdhayaN.A
Sakshi GopalN.A
Dasarathi NarasimmanN.A
Murali ChandranN.A
Madhana GopalN.A


In “Amigo Garage” (2024), Rudra, a curious teen, enters Amigo Garage and meets Anand, leading to unexpected consequences and twists in his life.


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