Rent a Studio Place with Scenes Studio Ahmedabad: Where Visions come to Life

Ahmedabad houses a haven for creatives and photographers alike. Welcome to Scenes Studio, a rental studio that brings imagination to life, one frame at a time. They provide a perfect blank canvas for you to paint your creative endeavours whether you are a seasoned photographer or a streaming videographer. Located at Brand & Bread House, […]

Miam Charitable Trust Partners with Surjagad Ispat private limited support Old Age Home in Allapalli Gadchiroli Maharashtra

In a heartwarming display of generosity and community support, the Miam Charitable Trust recently extended a helping hand to Vishwa Bharati Seva Sansthan Aanand Aashram, an old age home located in Allapalli Gadchiroli, Maharashtra. This charitable initiative was made possible through a partnership between the Miam Charitable Trust and Surjagad Ispat Private Limited Company, demonstrating […]

Streamline Your Global Expansion with Arnifi

Imagine the stress of launching your business overseas. New laws, unfamiliar customs, and mountains of paperwork – it can be enough to make even the most enthusiastic entrepreneur break a sweat. That’s where Arnifi comes in. Founded in 2023 by a team who’ve been there and done that, Arnifi is your one-stop shop for cracking […]

Gleneagles Hospital Kengeri Launches South India’s First 5G-Enabled Ambulance Service

Bengaluru, June 20, 2024 – Gleneagles BGS Hospital, Kengeri proudly announces the launch of South India’s first 5G-enabled ambulance service. This innovative deployment marks a significant milestone in emergency medical response, leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide unparalleled patient care.   In the initial phase, five 5G-enabled ambulances will cover the immediate neighbourhood of the hospital, […]

House Search And Free Property Listings. How Housystan Is Transforming The Real Estate Sector

Bangalore : In today’s bustling real estate market, property listings stand as the essential nexus linking buyers, sellers, and agents. While once common methods like classified ads, printed real estate magazines, and visits to brokerage offices are fading into the backdrop of history, the digital age has elevated online property listings to prominence. These platforms offer […]


In the dynamic landscape of modern business, the right guidance can make all the difference. Siddharth Sardesai, a renowned business consultant from Wydescape Consulting Pvt Ltd, exemplifies this principle through his exceptional skills in human resource management, organization chart design, and team management. His contributions have enabled numerous business owners to expand their operations and […]

Embracing Sustainability in Construction: The Future of Investing in Green Living

In recent years, the construction industry has witnessed a substantial shift towards sustainability, driven by a rising awareness of environmental issues and an increasing demand for green living. According to the World Green Building Council, the global green building market is projected to reach $610 billion by 2025, highlighting the significant growth and investment potential […]

Dr Vijay Kishore Bansal  An international legendary philanthropist

Where People are in distress due to the increasing heat and water shortage in the city In such a situation, social worker Dr. Vijay Kishore Bansal is working to save the lives of poor and helpless people by setting up water kiosks at various places in the city. Apart from humans, he is also arranging […]