Steve Papermaster’s Vision: Propelling the Middle East into the Post-Petroleum AI Age

  For decades, the economies of the Middle East have been inexorably tethered to one resource – oil. However, as the world transitions towards sustainable energy alternatives, this hard truth looms: the region’s economic bedrock will inevitably erode.    Unless, that is, technological transformation takes root. And for Steve Papermaster, the entrepreneur who has catalyzed […]

VRD Tractor: The World’s Most Advanced Pure Electric, Autonomous, AI-Powered Tractor

VRD Tractor The World's Most Advanced Pure Electric, Autonomous, AI-Powered Tractor

As the world’s first pure electric, autonomous, AI-powered tractor, VRD Tractors is transforming the agricultural sector with cutting-edge designs and technology. “VRD Tractor is a bootstrapped startup committed to providing sustainable agricultural solutions that maximize farm yields, support environmental sustainability, and enhance farmers’ livelihoods,” said Siddharth Gupta, Founder & CEO of VRD Tractor. “We have […]