Mokhtar Hasan Azeez’s Healing Journey with Heal Zone

Mokhtar Hasan

In the realm of global healthcare, access to specialized treatment can be a daunting challenge, especially for patients like Mokhtar Hasan Azeez from Iraq. Suffering from severe back pain and mobility issues, Mokhtar’s search for a definitive diagnosis proved futile until he found solace in Heal Zone’s guiding light. Heal Zone, a beacon in the […]

Heal Zone a Blessing for Medical Tourism in India

Heal Zone a Blessing for Medical Tourism in India

Medical Tourism in India The Indian government has  taken proactive measures to promote and regulate the medical tourism industry. Initiatives such as the issuance of medical visas, streamlined visa processes, and the establishment of dedicated medical tourism centers have facilitated the smooth entry of international patients into the country. Furthermore, collaborations between the government, private […]