K. Hepsiba Grace received Ingenious Charm World Records Golden ICONIC AWARDS for best teacher

K. Hepsiba Grace received Ingenious

The inspiring success story of Sri K. Hepsiba Grace S.A Hindi, an exemplary teacher who has illuminated the lives of students through education. She works at M.P.U.P School in Konapuram, Parigi Mandal, in Sri Sathya Sai District.

Success Story

As a Hindi teacher, I have nurtured a profound understanding of the subject among students. I have developed various Teaching-Learning Materials (TLMs) using low-cost resources to teach in innovative ways and deepen students’ comprehension of Hindi. I use these TLMs to beautifully decorate the classroom, transforming it into an engaging learning environment. Additionally, I enrich my students’ education with stories, poems, and drawing lessons, making learning enjoyable and captivating.

I have also spearheaded Hindi exhibitions and fairs, presenting our projects to students across the Mandal, further enriching their learning experience.

Beyond academics, I actively engage students in social services such as tree planting, cleanliness drives, and mock policing, and handwashing practices.
I raise awareness about critical issues like child marriage and the emphasize importance of education for girls.

Additionally, I organize activities like Drill Yoga to promote physical and mental well-being.

Community Service Programs

I extend my commitment to the community by providing free medical services to children and supporting individuals with mental disabilities. My contributions have significantly aided the development of our school.
This dedication has not gone unnoticed; District Officials and the Government have recognized my efforts with several accolades:

  • Best Teacher Award by the Government on September 5, 2023.
  • Ingenious Charm World Records
  • Indian Book of Record on February 24, 2023.
  • Asian Book of Record on February 24, 2023.

These accolades not only highlight my dedication but also underscore my role in enhancing educational standards and community well-being in my region.