Education-to-Work Journey, the Ampersand Way

Education-to-Work Journey, the Ampersand Way

It all started when edupreneur Rustom Kerawalla founded VIBGYOR High in Mumbai back in 2004. Step-by-step, his focus on education widened to include not just schools for 6 years to 17 years, but right from Early Childhood Education to Vocational Training for high school students to Skill Development for young adults to Lifelong Learning and Livelihood programmes for young adults. Every step of the way.

The Ampersand Effect

The Ampersand Group is a comprehensive end-to-end solution provider for the education and skilling industry. Our Education-to-Work scope of services enable sustainable livelihoods and transformation of lives, not just at an individual level, but for communities, society and nation building. In order to accomplish this, we are preferred operations partners and training consultants to several government ministries, while using our private sector experience to address sustainable development goals.

Ampersand Group’s Education-to-Work journey

Ampersand’s mission is to empower and equip people at every stage of their education-to-work path, regardless of their socio-economic status, gender, or location.

Thus, our Education-to-Work journey is split across five steps, right from toddlers to young adults. Take a look:

The Early Years: Anganwadis, Balwadis, and Creches

In the Early Years category, Ampersand Group offers the services of Anganwadis, Balwadis, and Creches. It serves children in the age range of 6 months to 6 years. In collaboration with the government, we offer children an engaging, play-based learning environment that prioritizes their development, safety, well-being as well as enabling school-readiness.

The Formative Years: K12-VIBGYOR Group of Schools 

Leading the way in K–12 education is VIBGYOR Group of Schools, a part of Ampersand Group. This year, VIBGYOR celebrates 20 years of experience and has enabled us to continue raising the standard of education.

Exposure to Career Choices: Vocational training for high school students

We at Ampersand firmly believe that skill development in Indian youth is essential to ensuring the employability, prosperity, and skill of the country’s future generations. We are the government’s preferred vocational training partner in order to introduce high school pupils to potential job fields. These training programmes, intended for students between the ages of 14 and 17, are a combination of theory and practical sessions, industry visits, and conversations with domain experts. Sectors include Healthcare, IT, Retail, Apparel and Sports, among others.

Getting Job Ready: Skill development for adults

We are also implementation partners with the government to provide short term skill training to young adults in a number of industries, including retail, information technology, healthcare, and construction. This training is under programmes such as DDU-GKY, PMKVY, and RPL for adults from marginalized or Below Poverty Line (BPL) backgrounds who are between the ages of 18 and 35.

Earning and Thriving: Placement and micro entrepreneurship (18+ Years)

We support by providing technology support and programme management services to livelihood projects such as Electric vehicles for e-commerce delivery and Training in beauty services. This involves providing individuals with skill training to facilitate employment or opportunities for micro-entrepreneurship. In addition to training, we also offer utilities, infrastructure, and mentorship support, to help them on their way.

The way forward

By reimagining the fundamental ecosystems that surround the critical fields of education and skill development, we see ourselves as a small, humble partner in the journey towards nation-building. The Ampersand advantage is in offering End-To-End services in the fields of education and skill development, with a continued emphasis on improving the lives of individuals, families, and communities.

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