Mokhtar Hasan Azeez’s Healing Journey with Heal Zone

Mokhtar Hasan

In the realm of global healthcare, access to specialized treatment can be a daunting challenge, especially for patients like Mokhtar Hasan Azeez from Iraq. Suffering from severe back pain and mobility issues, Mokhtar’s search for a definitive diagnosis proved futile until he found solace in Heal Zone’s guiding light. Heal Zone, a beacon in the […]

Aura Profile Management Services Hosts Grand Convocation Ceremony to Honor Recipients of Honorary Doctorates from Prestigious International Universities

Aura Profile Management Services Hosts Grand Convocation

Aura Profile Management Services (APMS) recently hosted a prestigious convocation ceremony in New Delhi on Saturday, June 8, to celebrate the achievements of distinguished individuals who received Honorary Doctorate Awards from internationally recognized universities. These awards were given to those nominated by APMS for their significant contributions in various fields. The grand event was marked […]

Interview with Budgetpe Private Limited: Embracing AI for a Better Future

Interview with Budgetpe Private Limited Embracing AI for a Better Future

Budgetpe Private Limited, a social media agency founded by Rohit and Kiran, is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the digital marketing industry. In a recent interview, the founders discussed AI’s impact and the importance of maintaining job security. Harnessing AI for Good Rohit highlighted AI’s benefits for digital marketing. “AI is changing our approach,” […]